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Jan. 6th, 2014


[sticky post] Dear Author Master Post & Fic Master List

Dear kind writer,

Please accept my apologies for the generic nature of this post – I put all the special details in at AO3, but this is more detailed background info. So, if you want to know what I like to read... here's the scoop:

Likes, Dislikes, SquicksCollapse )

Witness my love of rare-pairs and/or underloved fandoms:
Alice (2009)Collapse ) ArrowCollapse ) ContinuumCollapse ) DollhouseCollapse ) Empire RecordsCollapse ) EndgameCollapse ) FringeCollapse ) GracelandCollapse ) Hunger Games trilogyCollapse ) JustifiedCollapse ) LeverageCollapse ) Lost GirlCollapse ) MerlinCollapse ) NCIS:LACollapse ) NikitaCollapse ) PrimevalCollapse ) Primeval: New WorldCollapse ) SherlockCollapse ) SinbadCollapse ) Stargate: UniverseCollapse ) SuitsCollapse ) TorchwoodCollapse ) Wire in the Blood (seasons 4-6)Collapse )

Master List of Fic

Alphas – 1Collapse )
Bomb Girls – 1Collapse )
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior – 2Collapse )
Endgame – 1Collapse )
Fairly Legal – 1Collapse )
Flashpoint – 1Collapse )
Fringe – 1Collapse )
Harry Potter – 6Collapse )
Haven / Once Upon A Time – 1Collapse )
Lost Girl – 2Collapse )
Old Kingdom (Garth Nix) – 2Collapse )
Revenge – 3Collapse )
Sanctuary – 1Collapse )
She's the Man – 1Collapse )
Survivors – 1Collapse )
Ten Inch Hero – 1Collapse )

Apr. 30th, 2015


Not Prime Time 2015 - Dear Author (no longer a place holder)

Hi wonderful author,

So sorry for the huge delay in writing this, but here you are!

My thoughts on The 100:

Apocalypse! Social stratification! Warfare! The whole shebang is awesome.

This is such a smart, insightful, powerful show and so very much of that comes from the incredible variety of characters. I love the stories that the show tells because they are so universal but also so personal. I crave every piece of backstory possible and enjoy every revelation that the difficult circumstances our heroes (and villians) bring forward.

My favourite characters:
Raven - smart as a whip, mechanically brilliant, and also give a rich emotional life (often science women aren't). She gets wumped A LOT but it's great to watch how she fights back and perserveres.
Bellamy - the accidental hero. He's a natural leader, but clearly wasn't prepared for the personal cost of being in charge. I love watching him struggle with the morality of his new role in this new world.
Murphy - the anti-hero. Or reformed villian? I liked hating him back in season one and I love his journey this season, as outcast and sceptic, but also reluctantly hopeful follower.

Feb. 28th, 2015


Rarely Written 2015 letter

You're writing for me - how exciting! Thank you!
My general preferences are simple. As you will see, I am all about relationships. It's what got me into fic and it's how I think. Which isn't to say I don't love a good gen piece that lets me into the world of my favourite characters - that makes me very happy, too. I love humour, fluff is fun, and angst can be a real pleasure when it helps me understand the core of a character.
While I'm a hardcore romantic shipper, I believe that two characters can be extremely close emotionally without a romantic bond and that sometimes that's the strongest relationship in their life. Examples include Joan&Sherlock, John&Sherlock, Harry&Hermione, Sam&Callen, Amy&Eleven, Bo&Kenzi - these are the best of best friends, true connection, and I love that in stories.
I kind of assume everyone is bisexual unless it's stated otherwise. I am pro-polyamory and I don't think polyamory has to mean threesome, it can mean multiple lovers for one person.
I don't like dub-con and won't read non-con. I really don't like infidelity, in real life or fic. I'm not into anything too violent, but if it moves the story along or is part of some hot bdsm, sure. More extreme kinks are not for me, but I'm fine with pron in general. I'm not usually big on out of universe AUs (Vampire Suits! Um, no) but the one's a like are listed in my optional details are optional.
But really, really - I like being inside characters' heads and hearts. I'm happiest when reading well-rounded characters doing interesting things, be it adventures, romance, or complex dark fic.

To the characters:

Justified - Rachel & Ava
Suffice to say that anything Justified makes me happier than happy. Love those laconic, sarcastic, sexy backwoods Kentucky folk so, so, much! Their wit, their quirky moral code, their deep loyalties… all delicious.
Words cannot do justice to the kick-ass that these ladies are. Rachel is one of my favourite characters on Justified, even though she is only in every third episode. She's wry and witty, sharp and bitter, and she stands up to the assholes and racists in her life with a steel spine. Let me in to her head and I will be over the moon. (ship her with quiet, stoic, sexy Tim and I'll love you forever)
Ava is my other favourite character. She is so very amazing, a woman of no education or training who has carved out a strong position in a man's world. I love her evolving relationship with Boyd, which strikes (struck? time's are changing) me as the most romantic and respect-filled partnership on the show. Her previous role as whorehouse manager fascinates me... I hate the job but I admire how she does it. Her current role as a snitch... oh lordy does it make me nervous. There's so much to Ava, anything you write would be a gift.

Caper - Penny & Alexa
I don't actually have that much more to say than what I wrote in the sign-up, except to confide that I'm a roommate shipper. I like Penny/Dagr or Penny/Alexa, and I secretly OTP Alexa/Luke very much. He's so twitchy around her! Ships aside, though, I am just into seeing these ladies being awesome.

The Flash - Iris, Linda & Caitlin
Oh, these poor, underused women. Here are my ramblings:
Iris - she's smart and driven, caring and strong. She's also naive and oblivious and has moments of real selfishness. I think that we're limited by seeing Iris through Barry's eyes, because he idolizes (idealizes?) her way too much. I want to see her be human, in her life, at her work, with her family, with her friends...
Linda - another woman who is currently defined by her relationship with Barry. I like her refusal to be pushed into a relationship (though I found Barry and Iris were being really childish around her). I would like to know more about her, how she feels about her place in the Flash universe.
Caitlin - I want so much more for her! I want her to be happy, to be independent and strong and to move on from Ronnie (with Barry? please) on her own terms. She has very little agency in the show, so any that you give her would be amazing.

Primeval - Jess & Emily
Why this show? Because dinosaurs! And also interesting characters with complicated emotional lives, who live crazy adventures. I’m all for anomaly expeditions, dino-wrangling, and super-rare-pair shipping.
I wrote in my prompt about why I like these two so much - because they have a common thread of "out-of-place" at the ARC. I believe they completely fit there, but it would be great to explore how they make it work.
As for ships:
Jess/Lester is a kink of mine. There's something so fun about their 'fights' and how opposite yet the same they are. I totally imagine them arguing their way into a relationship. I do have an infidelity squick for Lester, though, so if he could be divorced or in an open marriage, I'd prefer it.
And Emily and Becker are secret favourites, because they are both tough fighters with a sensitive side. They might geek out over weapons and combat techniques, or maybe he's a secret history buff... I don't know, but I'm sure anything you write will charm me to bits.

Feb. 1st, 2015


Dear Ship Swap Author

Dear author, kind author,

I'm so excited that you're writing a story for one of these ships I adore. Let me start with a quick rundown of my likes and squicks, and then I will ramble on about the precious pairings.

My general preferences are simple. I am all about relationships. I love humour, fluff is fun, and angst can be a real pleasure when it helps me understand the core of a character.
While I'm a hardcore romantic shipper, I believe that two characters can be extremely close emotionally without a romantic bond and that sometimes that's the strongest relationship in their life. There are couples of are the best of best friends, a true platonic soulmate connection, and I love that in stories.
I am pro-polyamory but I don't think polyamory has to mean threesome, it can mean multiple lovers for one person. For example, I see triad ships where they all sleep in one bed, but others where all three characters deeply love each other and one person has two lovers but those two people are not getting together romantically or sexually. That may not make sense without a diagram, sorry.
I don't like dub-con and won't read non-con. I really don't like infidelity, in real life or fic. I'm not into anything too violent, but if it moves the story along or is part of some hot bdsm, sure. More extreme kinks are not for me, but I'm fine with pron in general. I'm not big on out of universe AUs (Vampires in Harlan! um, no).
But really, really - I like being inside characters' heads and hearts. I'm happiest when reading well-rounded characters doing interesting things, be it adventures, romance, or complex dark fic.

More ramblings on pairingsCollapse )

Thank you kind author. I look forward to reading your story!

Dec. 30th, 2014


Unprepared, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gen AU

Title: Unprepared
Fandom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Rating: PG
Words: 1,109
Characters: Ray Holt, Jake Peralta, Rosa Diaz, Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle, Gina Perretti, Terry Jeffords, Scully & Hitchcock
Notes: an AU frivolity written for Sitcomanthon 2014
Summary: Ray Holt has been appointed Troop Captain for Brooklyn Rangers Troop #99. Be Prepared? Nothing could have prepared him for this.Collapse )

Dec. 27th, 2014


Pretend for Real, She's the Man, Viola/Oliva PG

Title: Pretend for Real
Fandom: She's the Man
Rating: PG
Words: 778
Characters: Viola, Olivia
Notes: a Yuletide Madness 2011 treat for zoicite because I just couldn't resist the prompt.
Disclaimer: I do not own She's the Man, or its characters, I just like them a lot. also: first femslash and first angst, unbeta'd. you have been warned.

She was pretending, but now that it's for real it's you that has to pretend all the time.Collapse )

Dec. 22nd, 2014


Three Girls, A Guy, and a Van, Ten Inch Hero, Jen/Priestly, PG

Title: Three Girls, A Guy, and a Van
Fandom: Ten Inch Hero
Rating: PG
Words: 1,912
Characters: Jen, Priestly, Tish, Piper
Notes: A Yuletide Madness fic that got out of hand, thanks to sailorhathor's excellent request details. Priestly is such a kook - he needed a little road trip fun too.
Disclaimer: I do not own Ten Inch Hero, or its characters, much as I love them. sans beta, so I apologize for spag or canon errors.

Road-tripping with the girls. Seemed like a fantastic idea at the time.Collapse )

Dec. 19th, 2014


Wisdom's Cost, The 100, Anya (gen)

Title: Wisdom's Cost
Fandom: The 100
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1,819
Characters: Anya, OMCs, OFCs
Notes: written for the Rare Characters exchange 2014
Summary: The lessons than made Anya a good commander were not always easy to learn.Collapse )
Tags: , ,

Dec. 16th, 2014


Falling, Agents of SHIELD, Simmons/Ward, Fitz/Ward, FitzSimmonsWard

Title: Falling
Fandom: Agents of Shield
Rating: PG-13
Words: 5,100
Characters: Grant Ward, Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz
Notes: Written for Rare Pair Fest 2014
Summary: Grant Ward does his best to prove he's everybody's type.
Chapter 1Collapse )
Chapter 2Collapse )
Chapter 3Collapse )

Oct. 21st, 2014


Yuletide 2014 Letter

Greetings, kind Yuletide author!

Thank you so much for signing up for one (or more) of my beloved micro-fandoms. I am so excited that you like these worlds and characters too!

First off, some notes about me and fic I like.

I love characters. I love them in backstories, missing scenes, post-canon, fixits and canon-divergence. I want to know what makes them tick, to watch them live their lives, to see them fall in love. Especially that last one, because oh boy am I a shipper. Still, at the heart of every romance (pardon the pun) are two or more characters... that is who I read fic for.

Particular likes: slice of life, characters connecting, scenes from relationships (romantic or platonic), friends to lovers, adventures and/or mysteries, humour, sexytimes with plot, angst that gets somewhat or entirely resolved - a tearjerker with a happy ending gets me every time.

Dislikes and Squicks: Infidelity! Dubcon and noncon! Abuse, emotional or physical. I just can't go there. I don't enjoy kinks involving body fluids or hard bdsm. I'm not interested in AUs for the fandoms I've picked here.

To the fandoms:

This is such a fun, funny little webseries. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it - over at Geek and Sundry. Our (actual super-)heroes are a great misfit bunch and I crave tales of their (mis)adventures together, past or future. I also kind of want to know how they pay the rent and divide up the housework and who likes to cook while dancing to Beyonce (Dagr?) and who sings in the shower (Alexia?).
I think their rapport is adorable. Ship-wise, I like the awkward Penny/Dagr that is going on, but my rarepair heart beats for fierce Alexia and docile Luke as unlikely soulmates. In general, though, I crave Team!goodness for this group.

Oof. What to say here? I just worship this show. It is so complex in its storytelling, its science, its characters... I never know where it's going and I'm always amazed when it gets there. Any tales written in this multiverse will make me so happy.
These are smart, capable people who are emotionally vulnerable for various reasons. Each has their own battles to fight (external and internal). I want to know so much more about all of them. I particularly like the main pair, Kiera and Alec. Neither of them really belong or fit in, and that makes them great together - as friends or (I dream) more. Their estrangement was the hardest part of season three for me. I would love to see them finding their way back to their original bond.
Carlos has had the hardest journey, in some ways. He has been kept in the dark, lied to, shot, and manipulated by so many people. I worry about Carlos in the current timeline. I also like to daydream about him in a better timeline. Carlos stories would be amazing. All I ask is that if you want to ship him, my preference is for Betty, not Kiera.
Emily is fascinating and sad. She clearly has a past worth exploring. There's also the whole "falling for the mark" issue. I think she does care for Alec... but I wonder if that's a good thing given her destructive ways. Emily stories would have to work to find happy endings.
Alec is a mystery to me, in a lot of ways. I wonder what motivates him to help Kiera and how he truly feels about Liber8, or Julian, or his alttimeline self. Does Alec have a moral centre, or is he just about tech and his obsessive love for Emily? Was Piron Alec an aberration or is that potential in Alec Prime?
Finally, Kiera. I have so many thoughts about Kiera that I won't get into. Questions that always sit with me, though: what is it that makes her fight every day? Does she have any hope that she could make it back to her future-past anymore? How has her clear-cut world view shifted over the timelines? Where do her sympathies lie today?
One quick note on Kiera: I do not buy her insta-romance with Brad. I like him, I love the arc and alttimeline he introduced, but the sudden schmoop - no way.

Oh, how I loved this show. Arkady, the neurotic grand master who ferrets out actions, and Alcina, the practical, capable one who understands hearts. They are the heads of the strange little family on this show. I see such a good balance, a strong bond, between them. Maybe it's deep friendship, maybe it's more.... Sam and Danni, well, they're like the kids in this gang. Brother and sister? Maybe - that has lots of story (and banter) potential. Or perhaps a mischievous Arkady wants to see something more between them (like I do) - someone sensible and steady for Danni, someone fun and worldly for Sam. Arkady, and a reluctant Alcina, as cupids? Just another adventure at the Huxley.

Adventures of ex-assassins and super-spies are fun and all, but this show is all about a bunch of damaged romantics for me. I think all these people just want someone to tell them that they're not bad people and that someone's got their back. And then they will go on awesome adventures saving the world from super-villains.
I have shipped Nikita and Birkhoff from the beginning. They both have murky pasts, full of dubious choices. They work as a seamless unit under pressure. They clearly care deeply about each other. And frankly, they banter so incredibly well. Alex and Birkhoff have a great connection, so flawed and conflicted while still very strongly centred. I like them as friends, as sidekicks (to each other or Nikki), and as lovers. And for the final pairing... Nikita and Alex are partners and there's so much emotional potential there (romantic or platonic).
Really, these three are just interesting in any arrangement or adventure. A gen friendship piece would be such fun. Or if you want to break up Michael and Nikita or Birkhoff and Sonya to set ships sailing, I would be thrilled. I'm open to polyamourous options as well, with these three or canon partners.

Primeval:New World
Why this show? Because dinosaurs! Dinosaurs in Canada! I like that it's light and fun, with moments of real character evolution and depth. I only wish they'd had more time to explore the consequences of the military involvement (though I'm happy to retcon out Mac's sacrifice in my selective memory). Any adventure story before the finale or creative take on the potential new timeline would be exciting. In PNW, I'm a serious lover of the brotp and work-otp. Here, I picked Ken and Ange for their awesomely awkward yet effective partnership and Dylan and Mac for their banter-heavy friendship.
I do also go with romantic shipping here, too, but my favourite thing about this show was always the hijinks and friendship banter so if you're not ship inclined that's totally cool. (I love Ange/Ken, but my OTP is Mac/Dylan, actually. In case you wanted to know)

Wire in the Blood
This is a wonderful British television show about a profiler and the cops he assists. The show is strong for several reasons, but the flawed and irritating Tony Hill is why I love it. I particularly like his dynamic with Alex because it is very much a friendship with possibility, but not as much tension as there was with Carol. I don't care if they are romantically linked or if it's an equally strong platonic tie, but they work well together and there's a *need* there.
Oh, and the secondary characters are also great - Kevin and Paula are meant for each other, even the show writers knew that. I also prefer Alex because I think she brought a lot of complexity to the show and to the team. Her family life always stood as a nice contrast to the 'team family' that she, Tony, Kevin, and Paula make.

Once again, thank you, lovely Yuletide writer. I'm already looking forward to your story.

I wish you happy writing and a fun Yuletide!

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